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Helm wallet

We believe that Lightning self-custodial should be free and open-source and accessible to everyone.

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What is it?

We believe there's a huge gap between the ease of use of Wallet of Satoshi and the self-custody of Phoenix. To minimize this gap, we created a new web app, a wallet that has the self-custody of Phoenix and is easy to use as Wallet of Satoshi.

Helm is a Liquid wallet that uses Boltz submarine swaps to disguise itself as a Lightning wallet that even your grandma can use.

But it has a cost

All transactions must go on the Liquid chain and also Boltz must earn something for the service they provide, so there are fees to be paid:

Main advantages

It's a PWA, which means is immune to app store censorship. The web app is completely independent, no server required. You can clone it, build it and run it from your own computer. Everything runs on the browser.

You can use Tor to hide your IP address from Boltz and the chain explorers.

Try it

You can try it (testnet is available) on:

Run it

Run it locally in your computer is as easy as:

$ gh repo clone bordalix/helm-wallet
$ cd helm-wallet
$ yarn
$ yarn start


Code is available at the following repos:

Critics and suggestions are welcome.